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At The Factory we are committed to getting you the best results for the least amount of investment. We do this by providing you with the best blend of tools, skill, experience, and approach. We cater to your needs and make sure everything is in place so that you can stay fresh and focused on what should be your only concern-getting the best performance you can.

Our goal is to give you unparalleled sonic quality in the shortest amount of time for the least amount of investment.

If you have an upcoming project and would like to learn more about how The Factory can help you please don’t hesitate to email or call.

Bryan Lash at Harrison MR4 desk

Our Approach

The key to our approach is that we attack each project as a team. This keeps things rolling and helps everyone stay fresh and excited about the project. While other studios insist on running one-man-shows, we at The Factory believe creating great recordings is a team effort and approach it as such.